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Clean15 Brand/Identity

Clean15 is an exciting new food box scheme which will be launching soon. Here is a sneak peak of the Clean15 brand/identity that we produced. We are now putting finishing touches to the website. We will be sharing more details of the scheme and special launch special offers soon.  

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Successful Event

We were thrilled with the feedback to our latest DJ event. On the success of the event we’ve been asked to put on another one which will take place in November. More details to follow soon. Here are a few photos from us and from people at the night.

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Hair Raisers Event

After the success of our first few events we were asked to put on another DJ event in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle upon Tyne. We produced the posters, flyers, event teasers, masks/props and visuals to project at the event. Here are some of pictures of and from attendees:  

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Voice Over Work

Multiminded provide voice overs, music soundtracks and post production services. Before deciding to pursue a career behind the camera and as a storyteller Multiminded founder Fiona Birkbeck attended drama school at university where voice training was an important part of her studies. This training has resulted in Fiona occasionally doing voice over work. Fiona was

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House Disciples Brand/Identity

With an in-house music producer and a team that are passionate about music and festivals it’s no surprise that we get involved in a number of projects with a music theme. We were delighted when the promoters of an exciting new dance night got in touch to ask us to produce a brand/identity for them.

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Event For The Toffee Factory

Multiminded are predominantly content creators for the web. However, recently we’ve also been organising events and producing content for them. People have been asking us to DJ events and then use our video, design and infographics skills to add visuals into the mix. We were delighted when the Toffee Factory team, inspired by the success

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What Has The EU Done For The North East Video

What has the EU ever done for the North East? Watch this video that Multiminded has produced for the North East Labour Party MEPs to find out. Please help spread the word by sharing this video on social media and by showing it to your colleagues, friends, family, etc. and remind everyone you know to

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Clean15 Podcast

Clean15 is a fruit and veg box with an innovative concept. We were asked to produce a podcast with the scheme’s founder to help explain the concept. This is a draft of the podcast to accompany the website that we are building. We also designed the brand/identity.      

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