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New Showreels & Projects

We’ve been so busy on our clients’ websites and projects we haven’t had much time to update our own but watch this space.  We are currently editing some new showreels of our recent work to replace the ones on this home page. We also have a number of new projects to add to this website including

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Pop Video

This was a project that came completely out of the blue but was so much fun to make. We were approached by a lovely girl who recorded her favourite song with her best friends in a recording studio for a big birthday a few years ago. For her next big birthday she wanted to do

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Events, Videos, Music Promo, Motion Graphics


Our Multiminded DJs have a residency at the Ship Ouseburn. They’ve asked Fiona to do an ABBA night for a while and here it is for a pre Christmas party. Here’s a little video teaser we did for the event using our 3D motion graphics production skills. Hope you like it.  

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Property Management Company Website & Content

We’ve been working with one of the region’s top property management companies building a website for one of the developments they manage. As part of the project we’ve been designing a brand and creating content including videos for their website. It’s one that’s right near the Tyne so a great location for imagery to best

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