When the Housing Design Awards team realised they wouldn’t be able to hold their big London annual awards ceremony this year they decided to move the awards ceremony online. It was a challenge getting the material about the winning schemes during and just after the lockdown but they commissioned drone companies to film at some of the schemes and then we animated architectural drawings, elevations and photos of all of them to bring them to life. We also edited zoom interviews with residents, etc. The end result was 17 videos which were compiled into 4 longer videos of over 25 minutes each over 4 nights. All this on a very tight deadline. Some content even came in on the days they were due to be broadcast and had to be added on the hoof.

We also produced 3D models of the Design For Homes house logo to be used in a teaser and charity ticket video for the Awards in the build up to the events.

We will be putting together a full showreel of some of the animated graphics we created and will name the schemes featured but in the meantime here is a quick compilation reel below.  You can also see the Housing Design Awards larger compilations here.


Compilation of animations for Housing Design Awards