This is our third year of producing the videos for the Housing Design Awards. This year the work has included filming (both conventional video and drone filming) over a month around the country this Summer and animating architectural drawings, elevations and photos of the winning schemes and projects not yet built to bring them to life. The videos will be shown at the two awards ceremonies in London and Manchester and will then be featured on the Housing Design Awards website here:

We can’t give any sneak peaks from the filming we have done until the winners have been officially announced but the filming through up some interesting challenges this year as we filmed on some of the hottest days of the year. It was so hot at times that we had to suspend drone filming as the drone had to land as it was beginning to overheat. Our main camera also cut out a couple of times because of the same issue and we had to cover it where possible. We also had to shelter the interviews under umbrellas to keep them in the shade in between takes. Though of course being the UK in addition to days like that we also had to dodge some rainy at points too but that’s par for the course when filming in the UK. What an extraordinary Summer.