This was a project that came completely out of the blue but was so much fun to make. We were approached by a lovely girl who recorded her favourite song with her best friends in a recording studio for a big birthday a few years ago. For her next big birthday she wanted to do one better. This time the friends decided to make a pop video of the same song. They couldn’t find anyone in the area who was doing exactly the kind of ‘pop video experience’ they were looking for but because of our Multiminded Music events spin off they came to us. Please see info underneath re: production and soundtrack.

We’ve done a lot of green screen filming in the past for our motion graphics work and built our own green screen studio in the large event space where we work at the Toffee Factory. We filmed the group for a day. They all brought their own costumes and we choreographed various dance moves in the style of the video they wanted to emulate. We didn’t want to do an exact copy of the original but an homage to it so we created our own unique backgrounds for the green screen in post production. Elements like the gambling chip being danced upon were created in a 3D motion graphics environment.

They knew they wouldn’t have the music copyright to share the video everywhere but wanted to go ahead with that song because of its significance to the previous birthday. Here’s a sneak preview of the finished video (with the sound manipulated so it’s not the correct soundtrack version).