When we launched as a proactive ideas company it was a natural progression for us to aspire to originate and develop our own products. This involved coming up with the concepts and developing them right through to sourcing funding and protecting our IP. In both the examples below we secured funding either through innovation funding or winning a prize and receiving investment. However we have moved away from both of these digital products but haave developed our creative practice as designer makers making art and homeware through


The Story Station was an interactive gadget for filming and recording data for the cultural sector. After successfully acquiring some funding to develop the first prototype it has now been built. It was tested in an innovation gallery, The Culture Lab’s OnSite and made its debut at Open Studios at the Mushroom Works.

Old School Vs New School was a winner of Northern Film and Media’s Big Society Big Ideas digital competition. It had previously been one of ten shortlisted. Drawing on the industry expertise of Peter Cowley, CEO of Spirit Media and former MD of Digital Media at Endemol and digital innovator Ewan Mcintosh Northern Film & Media were looking to help develop the strongest web, mobile and interactive ideas about how to make the world a better place. Ideas had to be from the North East but with global reach. We had some amazing partners on the project and received some interesting offers to take it foward in different directiions but ultimately the networking and social media markets were a bit too crowded and it was too difficult to pursue such a vast project whilst still running Multiminded. But both these projects taught us a great deal.