Nevil Tynemouth Landing A Key Client


This is a segment from Nevil Tynemouth’s talk as part of BIPC Newcastle’s Innovation Elevator programme. The talk is shot in the TEDx style.

A corporate or well-known customer brings significant advantages, including the opportunity to use it as a reference for other potential customers. But how do you go about securing it? Nevil Tynemouth has extensive experience in sales environments and will introduce you to some of the key concepts in the sales process.

Nevil has almost 30 years’ experience in sales and selling. He was involved with the launch of two major brands in the UK, Dyson and BlackBerry, and worked as part of a FTSE100 management team for nearly a decade. He is the founding director of New Results Training LTD and delivers training, coaching and strategy as well as regular seminars on sales and sales performance.

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May 26, 2015

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