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Multiminded’s project Old School vs New School was a winner of Northern Film and Media’s Big Society Big Ideas digital competition. Drawing on the industry expertise of Peter Cowley, CEO of Spirit Media and former MD of Digital Media at Endemol and digital innovator Ewan Mcintosh Northern Film & Media were looking to help develop the strongest web, mobile and interactive ideas about how to make the world a better place. Ideas had to be from the North East but with global reach.

When it comes to business are you Old School or New School? Why not be both?
The business world is changing fast. Even if you love technology there’s no doubt that it’s caused a huge divide in the business community. Suddenly someone as young as thirty or forty can be considered Old School in terms of business experience. No wonder so many older people are beginning to feel out of the loop. But there’s a reason why old school business techniques have survived so long. They produce sustainable businesses. Many New School, young entrepreneur businesses fail at the first hurdle. Our new platform provides a unique solution. Take your pick of the best Old School and New School business tips and find collaborators, mentors and interns with the skills and experience your business is missing.
Old School vs New School will be the first information exchange and networking platform targeting both old school and new school business minds. It not only brings together people of different ages and levels of experience but also relates to different working practices and technologies.

Fiona Birkbeck, Multiminded’s Creative Director says, “In the current economic climate starting and developing a sustainable business is more challenging than ever. Whatever sector you’re in you need people in your team at both ends of the spectrum. Even a business with an amazing technical product can fail if the people managing it don’t have the right skills. Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are crucial. Collaboration is the next big thing in business as companies have to team up to meet the demands of today’s complex tenders. Old Schools vs New School is the perfect place to find the right collaborators for your business. It will be the web’s only place for different generations to meet, share and learn how to build sustainable businesses together.’

The beta version of Old School vs New School is now live. Membership is free. Please sign up here and take a look around.


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May 27, 2015

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