Tango Unlimited

Tango is traditionally a dance that appeals to older generations. Maria and Guillermo asked Nic and Fiona to create a brand and website that would attract a much younger demographic. They wanted something sexy and fun but that would illustrate their unique way of teaching where it’s more about two people being in sync than getting hung up on dance steps.

The approach
To attract a new audience Tango Unlimited had to be different from other tango websites. Nic devised a brand that would be reminiscent of the flashing neon in the windows of the old tango clubs of Argentina. However, he would but bring it bang up to date with his choice of colour. He then mutilated a classic font to give it a modern twist. The web content had to be different, too. Regular Multiminded collaborator Stu Norton captured Maria and Guillermo dancing outside in public places around the North East but the photos look like the dancers are totally caught up in the beauty and passion of this extraordinary dance, oblivious to the world around them.

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May 27, 2015

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