Fiona’s cross platform idea wanna be in my band? was shortlisted as part of the digital Reboot Replace conference at the Sage. We are now developing the project and it is one of the Crossover Market projects being pitched at Sheffield Documentary and Digital Media Festival.

Don’t just live your life to a soundtrack.  Learn to play along with it, too.
A piece of music is circulated.  A time and place. Learn the music and turn up for the ultimate jamming session.  Wannabeinmyband? takes the collective experience of the flashmob to a whole new level.
Social network on the website. Twitter. Find nearby fellow jammers using the mobile phone app. Form spinoff bands.  Learn different kinds of music. Debate old school versus new, high tech versus low. Get out the house and play in a real band.

Famous musicians will be involved to avoid copyright/performance rights infringements.  They’ll teach how to play songs and turn up to orchestrate sessions.  The likes of Johnny Marr may show guitarists how it’s done in Manchester or Franz Ferdinand in the Scottish Highlands. Locations may be council/police friendly.

Old versus young.  Triangle versus iPhone.  Regional.  National.  Why stop there?  Online jamming sessions might even include an astronaut from the Space Station.



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May 28, 2015

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