One of the unique things about Multiminded is its collaboration between a filmmaker/screenwriter, designer and music producer. Our resident music producer is James Bell who also goes by the name of Ouseburner.  This talented composer has created the soundtracks of all the videos we’ve produced to date. For evidence of his amazing range listen to the soundtrack of our short film Substitute then compare that with the ambient sounds of the Malings Development timelapse  video or the uplifting techno in our original showreel (look out for an updated version replacing this soon).

To listen to other examples of his work please visit our Portfolio page.  We will also be uploading a lot more of his recent soundtracks onto this website soon.

In addition to creating music soundtracks Multiminded also produces other audio content including podcasts and sound installations.

Two of our team also DJ. You can find examples of their events on our Multiminded Music website.